January 11, 2010
So, here's how cool I am. Since today's a public holiday (Coming-of-Age Day... congrats to everyone in Japan who turns 20 this year) and I didn't go to class, I effectively forgot that today was Monday. This comes straight on the heels of forgetting that today was a holiday in the first place. I'm good at this game.

But back to the page. I like this one because I got to actually use the maps of NAAMAST and the United States that I drew up ages and ages ago. And yes, you should infer that the big weird tower of head-things you saw on the previous page is the roots of this thing that everyone calls "Cetiya."

Your TWC vote incentive for the week is a vertical page slice from next week. A little text, a little picture... check it out.

Also, you might notice that I added a shiny new comment box down there. Yeah... I don't think that needs explaining.

Until next time!

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