January 4, 2010
Happy Year of the Tiger, everyone! Hope everyone had a great New Year's. ^_^ I'm joining you from the other side of a really awesome week that I'm very sad to have come to an end... But, as such things are inevitable, I am continuing on with your regularly scheduled update to affirm that, yes, all is right with the world.

On that note: p.115? Wow... already? The buffer's still going strong, but I seem to have skipped over important things like new chapter pages and NEW VOLUME COVERS in the interest of getting more story pages done before coming out here to study. This will almost certainly be interesting. As far as the page itself goes... well, hopefully between this page and the next one it will become evident what that shadowy amalgamation of faces is. And, between now and the end of the series, it will become evident why small-child!Pada is being displayed on one of its many screens.

Vote incentive for the week! A panel from p.116, large-size. That means you get to see, among other things, the fancy map of the US that Nezumi has on his wall. Wanna see the area that New Era damaged? Well, there it is.

Until next time...

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