December 7, 2009
Put this on the list of pages that took me a long time despite its relative simplicity. That was largely on account of the first panel, I think, which I'm extremely fond of and which is yet another glowing example of Daven's anger-management problems while working as Nine's operator. (Remember p.57 way back in the day?)

I of course have a new vote incentive up today, which is another lecture hour sketch, this time of Brome with cherub/seraph wings (cherub because they're covered in eyes, seraph because there were supposed to be six of them... but then I started paying attention to the lecture and it ended up being five, so I don't even know what they are at this point).

Also! At the end of this month, I will be retiring my auxiliary art site over at http://www.ryuujinrising.com, so if any of my readers would like to grab a last look at my non-"Cetiya"-related work, alternate comics, or whatever else before I find a new home for them, now's the time. Over and out!

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