News Item Two: p.107
November 9, 2009
This is a very simple page, but there's a lot about it that I'm kind of fond of. First, I'm particularly proud of the sense of motion in the first panel, because that could have gone wrong in so many ways. Second, I think Nine was adorable before she went all bad-ass... I have fun drawing the teenage version of her. That said, I was worried that the flashback transition on this page wouldn't work out so well... the idea was to have Pada go through one door in the present and emerge from another in the past. It's the sort of transition that I could visualize really well in motion, but expressing it through panel art proved to be tricky. Actually, a lot of the coming sequence is like that, so I hope it works out all right for everyone.

This week's TWC incentive is a side-by-side look at a pen-and-paper panel sketch for p.108 and the finished, toned product. Any votes that you feel like tossing my way are, as always, vastly appreciated. Have a great week.
November 9, 2009
Wow, it's the final round of SpiderForest's cross-promo endeavor already! Last but absolutely not least, this week's featured comic is Kez's "The War of Winds," a fantasy adventure story following a thief named Talon whose life becomes much more complicated after he steals an item of value from a dying elderly woman. One of the most interesting things, to me, is that Kez's artistic style changes drastically throughout the beginning of the story, which is something that a lot of webcomic artists shy away from. Great plot, great characters, and an archive that is conveniently summarized in comic form for those who don't have time to read through the whole thing in one go. I'm only about a third to a half of the way through, but what I've read I've enjoyed a great deal. "The War of Winds": Check it. (And yes, today's thumbnail is off the main page design, because I think it's absolutely gorgeous.)

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