News Item Two: p.106
November 2, 2009
Had a bit of a scare with this one... I renamed my jpeg file to put up here, and then it disappeared! o.O Seriously... disappeared right off my machine. This, my friends, is why I keep the psd files around. ::takes a deep breath:: Damn. That was almost really unpleasant.

Back when I was drawing this page, I got really excited because I noticed that I'd gotten better at drawing people walking. It sounds silly, but that might've been my big accomplishment here. Also, I like the motion on the last panel. And Pada in a towel is always good times.

You might notice that there's only one incentive today... This is because WCP has decided to remove its ranking system, so the Support Cetiya Process has just become much more streamlined. ^_~ Now you just have to drop your votes over at TWC (which this week is showcasing some original-size linework from the next page, featuring Pada's sexy back). Much obliged, readers. Much obliged.
November 2, 2009
Another week, another webcomic! This week's feature is "School Spirit," a really fun, all-audiences-appropriate three-panel-style comic that manages to be a gag-a-day strip while also maintaining story arcs. "School Spirit" revolves around a group of Australian grade-school kids who discover that the local cemetery is a little more haunted than they anticipated. This comic covers the tedium of school days, graveyard antics, the many and varied rules of cricket, the occasional Australian history lesson, and more. It's been going on for several years, but since each chapter (that I've read, anyway) begins with a bit of a recounting of previous events, you should be able to pick it up in the middle no problem. So if you like Australia, 10-year-olds, and ghosts, give "School Spirit" a go.

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