Happy Halloween!
October 31, 2009
Might be a little early for my US readers (and probably for at least some of my European readers, too), but there's a little something special over in the "Extras" gallery for anyone checking in with us today. Have a good one, guys.
News Item Two: p.105
October 26, 2009
This is one of my favorite pages, though I'm not entirely sure why. As to why Pada still wears glasses... well, it was a question I was asking myself, so that's why this page happened. Even in a country like the U.S. where nanotech is outlawed (as is the case in the Cetiya-verse, for those who haven't picked up on that yet), there's still bound to be surgical proceedures for the fixing of imperfect eyesight. (I mean, really... we've had Lasek bouncing around for how many years now?) So I figured there must be some other reason why Pada wore his glasses. The use of signifiers to preserve pieces of one's sense of self is a pretty good reason, I think...

Next Item: New digital painting in Pada's character gallery. I realize I show a lot of favoritism towards Pada when I decide to do character pieces, so I'm going to try to give some of the other guys a turn next time. For those who saw last week's incentives, this is the completed android piece I was working on. Have a look.

Finally, this week's vote incentives are a partial linework stage of p.106 in various stages of completion at TWC and a sketch of Daven from last Friday's seminar period (the speakers keep sucking, I keep getting new sketches) at WCP.
News Item One: FUZZNUTS
October 26, 2009
Featured this week on the SpiderForest Network: "Fuzznuts"! (Yes, I used a British punctuation convention. Don't judge me.) This archive was immensely fun to read, and I went through the whole thing on one sitting. Light, funny, irreverent.... If you enjoy scheming, squirrels, zombies, scheming zombie squirrels, or the occasional well-placed "your mom" joke, this comic is for you. Go have a look-see.

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