News Item Two: p.104
October 19, 2009
I had a lot of fun drawing this page, particularly the transition between the rainforest and the NAAMAST interior. (My favorite panel is the one on the bottom.) I had trouble deciding what to do with Pada in these shots, since strategically placing things to avoid full-frontal nudity has always annoyed me, so I went with dark black shadow. I hope you all think that looks less ridiculous than obviously-placed ferns or something, though those methods might be on par with one another....

I'm working on a new painting these days (Pada as an android! Sexy sexy), so for your incentives you get the pencil sketch version on TWC (done during another mind-numbing lecture by an individual particularly un-adept at public speaking), and the sketch version alongside the partially completed CG version on WCP. Thanks for your support, yo.
News Item Belated: CHIRAULT
October 19, 2009
Apologies once again to Thane for the late posting of this promo spot. (Though I'm backdating this post so nobody will ever be able to tell! How devious.) "Chirault" is a fantasy adventure story following the travels of a demon named Kiran who also happens to be a demon hunter. He is accompanied by a girl named Teeko, who rides on his shoulder in hopes that one day they'll stumble across someone who can restore her to her normal (un-tiny) size. Whether you're interested in mage culture, unfortunate consequences of urban expansion, guys with sweet horns and tiny sidekicks, or just plain ol' demon slaying, you'll probably find something here that you like. Thane's also got a pretty cool traditional art style with pens and ink washes that provides a marked contrast to the proliferation of digitally-rendered comics on the internet these days; simple, elegant, and just straight-up nice to look at. Once again, that's "Chirault." Until next time...

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