News Item Two: p.102
October 5, 2009
I will admit it... The only panels I like on this page are the top two. I had so much trouble planning how I wanted to lay out this page, and I'm afraid I fell short this time. In the last panel, Pada states that he feels like he's never been awake before; this is a nod to Clive Wearing, an expert on Renaissance music with profound antereograde amnesia. I watched some videos of him on YouTube a while back in order to see how someone with no short-term memory functions. This is really, truly fascinating, so if you're at all interested check some of these out. Anyway, he often wrote and talked about how he had never been awake before this moment in time, and I wanted Pada to have a line like that.

Also, there's a new painting up in Nine's and Pada's character galleries entitled "Electric Light." I've deemed it NSFW for suggestiveness, so do me a favor and only click this link if you're 16 or over and not at your place of employment.

Vote incentives: On WCP, the early early stages of some p.103 linework. On TWC, an early (and ACTUALLY NSFW, as it ACTUALLY CONTAINS A BREAST OMG) stage of "Electric Light" in progress. Please, vote responsibly.
News Item One: RUNE MASTER
October 5, 2009
Apologies for the slightly late update this evening... Today's featured comic is "Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer," the story of a dashing, heroic rune-caster who... hm? What's that? Oh... um... apparently drinks a lot and habitually sleeps around. While drinking. (-_-);;; Armed with more than his fare share of dumb luck and an arsenal of rune-magic at his command, Diyero may not exactly be "heroic," but he does manage to find adventure at every turn. A full-color fantasy adventure epic of proportions so great that I haven't finished reading the archive yet. Recommended for ages 14+. Give it a look!

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