News Item Two: p.100
September 21, 2009
That's right, p.100. I feel I should mark this down as special because 100 is one of those benchmark numbers which must be noted.

That being said, this page is not particularly exciting to look at. I like it primarily for the dazed, lost expression on mini-Pada's face. I want to do more backstory work with him as a kid.

Incentives for the week are both toned panels from the next page, one with words and one without. Check it.
September 21, 2009
Good evening, my people. This week's featured SpiderForest webcomic is "The Artiste Manquee", a really delightful webcomic about an aspiring scientist being forced to become a college art major. Watch as Janet navigates the treacherous ins and outs of art studentdom, trying heroically to deal with everything from edgy art school fashion to the finer points of distinguishing between modern art installations and trash receptacles. Lots of good clean fun and art school humor. Give it a read.

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