News Item Two: p.99
September 15, 2009
And now for today's Cetiya news: p.99 is up from lovely, rainy Tsu. Tsu is where I'm now living, not quite in Suzuka proper but a half hour walk from Suzuka International University, where I will soon be selling my soul to language study. Anyway, this page was kind of rough going when I drew it; I first had to try to create a face out of foliage, with only minimal success, and then I had to spend the next two panels distorting it (courtesy of Pada's hand). It was kind of a lot of work for an effect that wasn't as visually impressive as I would have liked. Still, not too bad.

Incentives are up as well: Pada being all young and bewildered on TWC, and a couple of completed panels with text at WebcomicPlanet. Once again, apologies for the late posting.... updates will be hitting you Mondays Tokyo time until further notice.
News Item One: LIFE'S A WITCH
September 15, 2009
This week's featured SpiderForest comic is "Life's a Witch", a fun little comic about family life in a Texas suburb... plus witches. Or rather, *a* witch. The heroine of "Life's a Witch" boldly takes on the myriad trials and tribulations of being a suburban mom, including but not limited to back-to-school shopping, getting her nails done, and being seen in public with her children... all in a very flash hat. Lots of fun, appropriate for all audiences. Check it out.

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