Leah F-ed up... Blame Daven
August 3, 2009
Hey all. I have unfortunately found myself out of town without my computer, so I don't have a new page up today. New page and incentives will be hitting you Wednesday afternoon/evening-time... Dreadfully sorry for the delay.

Stupid Daven. ::glare::

In other news, I AM on an awesome vacation seeing friends I haven't seen in 1/2/3 years. ^_^
July 27, 2009
Greetings from Massachusetts! For the next month and a half (give or take) I'll be stateside, so updates will be hitting you USA East Coast time rather than Tokyo time. This will only affect you if you're one of my Japan readers.... which I think would be most of you, so I apologize. >_>

This week on Cetiya, Nine cleverly avoids an awkward question. Also, something blows up a little. Incentives are a sketch draft layout for p.93 at TWC and a completed panel minus text at WebComic Planet.

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