July 13, 2009
Hey all and welcome to the new site! Very excited about being able to launch this so soon, even if it meant loss of drawing time last week. Some stuff is different from what I had (have) up on Prince of Foxes, and a lot is the same... so have a look around and get yourself settled. Then, once you've got that all taken care of, we can move on to the business at hand: THE MONDAY UPDATE! Today on Cetiya, Nine rejects drama and tries to apply logic to a hypothetical scenario. Nezumi doesn't really understand hypothetical scenarios so well. Just run with it, man... she's gonna bulldoze you with her point whether you accept it or not.

Incentives are ready to go on TWC (full sketch layout of p.90) and WebComic Planet (bottom two panels of p.90, complete minus text) if you'd like to express your appreciation.

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