-Halloween 2010-
October 31, 2010

This Halloween, "Cetiya" does TRON! Pada and Nine are wearing costumes from the up-and-coming TRON: Legacy, while Dav goes old-school with a classic 1982 TRON helmet. I admit it... when I woke up yesterday I still had no idea what I was doing for my holiday piece. Then I decided, got frustrated by general lack of promotional stills featuring the front of Quorra's bodysuit, and almost had a seizure upon abruptly discovering that Olivia Wilde from "House" will be playing her.

And then, eventually, I actually did the picture.

I gotta say... huge, huge fan of the LED racing stripes. Even Nine doesn't mind them, and she's never been a fan of skin-tight costumes (see last year's Halloween picture). ^_~ Don't ask me how Dav fit that helmet over all of his hair, though...

Happy Halloween!