The Creator
(whose head grows just a little every time she refers to herself that way)

Name: Leah
Handle: Mitsukaiten
Twitter: (same as above)
Email Contact: Ashes.of.Alexander@gmail.com
Birthdate: 2/17
Bio: I have tons of interests and not enough time to dedicate to all of them... especially since I tend to be easily distracted and prone to watching TV over the internet. I write, draw, and update "Cetiya" from... somewhere! See, I move a lot. I've updated this comic from Kochi Prefecture (Japan), Mie Prefecture (Japan), Massachusetts, New York, Indiana and Washington.

When not involved in comic-related endeavors, I'm usually reading, writing, or gaming. Or working... I do have a job to keep myself occupied most days of the week. It usually involves a lot of telephones.

I made myself learn actually-sort-of-functional CSS just to build this newest new version of the site--I wanted to get away from the Fireworks-generated tables--but I still don't consider myself much of a real coder. The fact that I finally have a page that uses php blows my mind and gives me night-terrors... guess it's good I didn't have to learn to write that, too. I have a hat with cat ears on it, which I occasionally wear in public. I hate wobbly boxes, especially when I have to stand on them. I love music. And I am, at this time, residing in a bite-sized apartment in Seattle.


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