December 18, 2013
Featured comics for the last two weeks, everyone. Much variety, many reasons to read.

1) Think we don't pay enough attention to the supervillains in our lives? Take a look at "Supervillainous" by Zappit:

This one caught me straight off the bat with its sense of humor... but I've always been a sucker for good death traps. Click the banner to take a peek into the life of a single dad who is also a badass supervillain.

2) Okay, so maybe the work/life balance of a supervillain isn't what you're in the mood for today. How about future distopian gang war? Check out "The Sundown Boys" by Emma:

I haven't gotten to read much of this one yet, but it seems to be a pretty solid mix of family drama and conspiracy. Probably some assassinations. The only way you're going to get a better idea of it is to go read it, so go get on that.

Comic of the Week: WHAT IT TAKES, KASPALL, and COOTIES
December 4, 2013
Falling behind by epic degrees and trying majestically to catch up. Here are three comics for you to check out this week!

1) First up, we have "What it Takes" by KEZ:

"What it Takes" is post-apocalyptic adventure + martial arts at its best, and takes the unique approach of a longform comic that appears in single-strip increments. Come for the genre, stay for the characters.

2) Otherworldly mystery more your speed? Check out "Kaspall" by Lucy Lyall:

I started reading this one a few years back, and it held me for a good long time. Lots of archive, great story, moving towards a conclusion. You know, for those who like that sort of thing. ^_^

3) Finally, a third and completely different sort of comic to tie everything up! Take a look at "Cooties" by Nick Perkins:

"Cooties" is a family-friendly comic strip about schoolkids being schoolkids... and also fighting aliens with video games. There's some good fun to be had here. Take a look.

p.127 and CotW: CHIRAULT and SNOW BY NIGHT
November 13, 2013
There are awesome things happening this week. And last week. Mostly related to other webcomics, of which I am once again linking two today for the SpiderForest Comic of the Week spotlight.

First up we have "Chirault" by Varethane:

I have unfortunately fallen behind on "Chirault," but that doesn't mean you have to! Thane has some good quality high fantasy storytelling here, with beautiful ink artwork to back it up. If you like elves, demons, demon-hunting demons, and/or magic, click on that banner and give it a look.

Next, we have "Snow by Night," a colonial fantasy story that isn't quite like anything I've read before:

I haven't made it all the way through the archive yet, but I can tell you there's a ton there to sink your teeth into. Winter spirits and thieves... always a good match.

On "Cetiya," Nine and May offer their respective views on vocabulary.

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