October 30, 2013
Playing a little bit of catch-up today, so we've got a SpiderForest Comic of the Week double feature this go-around.

First up, allow me to introduce the brand new sci-fi/fantasy webcomic by the incomparable Tiffany Munro:

You may remember Tiffany from her other genre-bending epic "Between Places," and she's bringing all of that storytelling goodness over to her new project. I may be biased, but I always love a good sci-fi/fantasy crossover, and if you are also such a person I recommend checking this one out. Just click the banner!

Next up is some very rich, involving dystopic sci-fi from Kat Feete:

Kat has a world here that you can really dive into and swim around in for a while. She's got a plot synopsis lurking around on the site, but since there's no linear story in place I think it's much more fun to read and see where it takes you. I'm very far behind on the archive, which I regret and will probably attempt to change this weekend. I recommend a visit (and maybe grabbing a beer while you're there).

And as for me.... you would not believe how much I cleaned up this conversation the two of them are having. I always have a rough time with dialogue written as long ago as this was. o_O

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